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Catledge Companies Talks the Importance of Social Media to Top Executives

Las Vegas, NC May 11, 2011 -- One consulting company is taking the initiative to escort businesses into a high technology future. Leading this journey, Catledge Companies is making waves in the technology space with almost two years of experience in making a technical difference in the way their clients engage the marketplace using social and search.

Founder of Catledge Companies, James Catledge, focuses on the overall objective of making High Technology tools increasingly more High Touch for their clients. The work for Catledge Companies is massive, with the ever evolving and expanding technology space, which is the basis for the strategic direction that Catledge Companies gives to its clients. The technology space is growing exponentially with social media for business purposes; Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn are now vital business tools. 

Catledge Companies teaches top executives how social media strategies help create and promote each company’s unique brand. James Catledge believes that the most misunderstood social media tool is the website Twitter; “We can do so much for our clients using Twitter,” says Catledge. Along with maintaining the company’s social media presence, Catledge Companies assists businesses with 3 strategic areas: products, pricing, and processes. “These are the 3 areas we see the most vulnerability. Each of these strategic areas can be corrected with the proper technology.” The combination of these areas creates greater opportunity for Catledge Company clients to improve margins and reinvent the way they deal with their customers. 

At Catledge Companies, they feel strongly that they are guardians of a global transition happening in business. Consumers get their information about products and services differently than they use to and Social and Search is where all customers are. Catledge has to teach business clients how to greet, meet and engage new customers within search and social. Their clients appreciate this and know they must reinvent themselves to capture more customers. “We hold their hand through this transition without disrupting existing streams of revenue.”

About Catledge Companies

This Nevada consulting company helps businesses, small and large, to be able to utilize many tools that technology has to offer all businesses. James Catledge, renowned public speaker and master communicator, leads this business with a personal drive to succeed and help others accomplish the same success. To learn more about Catledge Companies, visit their website at http://www.catledgecompanies.com/



James Catledge, Founding Partner of Catledge Companies, Discusses Benefits of Technology Consultations

March 7, 2011 LAS VEGAS—James Catledge, founding partner of Catledge Companies, is using the benefits of technology as the focus of his new consulting practice. Over the past few years, we have assisted in the marketing and sales development for many distinct companies.  In each of these companies, there has been one critical issue that stands out the most to the consulting team.  This issue is the company’s inability to utilize innovative technology a critical growth engine within their business. At Catledge Companies, we realize that new technology, such as social networks, search engines, and cloud computing, provide incredible high touch solutions.  These tools were not previously available to small and medium sized businesses for two reasons; the technology did not exist, or the cost of implementation was too high. Small businesses, with our help, can now easily implement high technology tools while making them high touch for their employees and their customers. James Catledge says, "We feel sure that the need to make technology more accessible to the small and medium sized business will make the difference". The gap between high technology and High Touch is still too wide. We, at Catledge Companies, will be the consulting bridge to push high technology innovations to being the high touch tool they were designed to be.

Catledge Companies is a consulting firm focused on business solutions within the technology space. The company was founded in 2009 by James Catledge as a way to grow the bottom line for businesses of all sizes by more efficiently using technology and the other innovative tools now available.


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